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RailsBox Technologies offer professional and experienced consultancy services for clients who require conception and development of new ideas that meet their requirements. Our consultants acquire not only the require qualifications but also the skill and experience required to formulate a unique and dynamic idea conception for our customer’s products that meet their demand and requirement precisely. View Detail


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RailsBox Technologies expert professionals specialize in custom WordPress services and solutions. Irrespective of whether we are using WordPress for a blog engine, a website or a Content Management System (CMS), we simply love using the tool. We are always ready to help our clients at any level of their project, whenever they require. Support and help is always available at RailsBox. View Detail

Dear Web Font Providers

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When you buy something, I bet you want it to work. Heck, even if you use something for free — maybe borrowed from a friend — I bet you want it to work. No one prefers hiking boots that are too tight (or too loose), a car that shimmies when you drive faster than 40 miles an hour, or a kitchen knife that can’t cut a tomato. And Web designers don’t prefer fonts that don’t fit a project, fall apart in different browsers or can’t be used in a mock-up. View Detail


How Your Product Can Benefit From User Feedback

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Like many great ideas, ours was born of a problem. When I was a graduate student at MIT, I sat next to a classmate who is visually impaired. He would whisper to me to ask the time, even though he wore a watch — which prompted me to wonder how the blind tell time. I later learned from my classmate that he had a talking watch that announced the time out loud when he pressed a button, but he rarely used it in public because he found it disruptive and embarrassing. After that conversation with my classmate, I went home and Googled “watch for the blind”. I couldn’t believe what I saw. View Detail

Powerful Workflow Tips, Tools And Tricks For Web Designers

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Designing and developing can be time-consuming, especially when the project involves a new challenge, putting the team or freelancer into unknown territory. Moreover, time is a key factor in productivity. Working efficiently enables us to deliver better value at a competitive price. However, some steps can be repeated for every project. These are steps we know and should make as quick as possible in order to have more freedom to experiment with new solutions. View Detail