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Posted on Feb 05, 2014 in

Owing to its simple nature, HTML5 appeals a larger audience base of users and web developers alike. Not only is HTML5 supported by every major browsers, it also offers an enhanced surfing experience through client server advanced communication channels, interactive content, delivery of multimedia content, greater semantics and a lot more.

RailsBox Technologies offer a comprehensive framework that is powered by CSS3, HTML5 and Javascript.  Not only are these frameworks built based on offering solutions to different segments of the industry ensuring the client’s interactivity, functionality and object behavior, they are also transferred in a very seamless manner to support consumption of wider content.  RailsBox Technologies offer services of structuring, presenting and enriching the contents of the application using the powerful features of HTML5 including user interface, drag and drop editing, CSS transforms, canvas graphics, multimedia contents, geo location and lots of more things.

RailsBox also offers specialized services in the area of Flash to HTML5 conversion. Our developers not only acquire sufficient exposure to HTML5 services, rather they are also equipped with a detailed and thorough knowledge of the service and are well versed to develop niche content for HTML5 mobile and apps websites too adhering to required standards and is available on all mobile platforms.

Our experience of providing HTML5 services allows us to understand how content that is interactive should be delivered transversely on all devices including PCs, tablets and smart phones. Using our integrated portfolio of solutions and our loaded media experience we transform totally the content value chain of customers.

We coupled with the strong expertise in technology and understanding of domain offers HTML5 framework that adhere to standards of content and support different essential interactive behaviors.

Our team adds value to its services through providing designs and wireframes that exemplify optimum approach towards content delivery across contrasting devices and platforms. RailsBox  production driven and streamlines processes that accolade all our HTML5 services enabling cost and quality efficient objectives that are delivered on a much faster rate compared to the market offerings through promotion of optimization ad reusability.