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Posted on Feb 05, 2014 in

RailsBox Technologies holds the knowledge and capability in development of mission critical web applications with respect to enterprise, enterprise mobility solutions and product engineering through use of Open source technologies. Our complete services lifecycle include consulting to outsourced development of product to application engineering, implementations of packaged products and trainings of open source.

RailsBox’ team is skilled to help organizations in enhancing their management and use of open source software, along with maximizing the realized value received from it. Our experienced and skilled team enjoys extensive experience of serving numerous different customers and handling about almost every type of software tools environment. Our team’s open source management service is of top notch quality and industry renounced. Our realistic approach is specifically designed to fit the level and pace of change as required by our clients. RailsBox offers an all-inclusive array of open source services to address all the needs of the clients.

We offer all services that accelerate and add on to the value of your open source system. Our exclusive services offers

  • Open source code analysis and license – RailsBox offers management of a company with all essential information on the software assets and their governance and compliance processes. We offer all audit services related to open source software to seek and identify the software and audit the code quality to reveal issues in code construction or code itself which in turn present themselves as quality issues.
  • Acceleration of open source development – RailsBox advice and offer software and services that are pre packaged and allow you to get going real fast.
  • Flawless Deployment of Solutions – RailsBox offers its clients customized offerings that enable them to imply our compliance and governance automation tools in the easiest possible way.
  • Education offering to enhance open source value – RailsBox also offers help in increasing and maximizing innovation and productivity of the open source through ensuring that your team understands how it can be done.
  • Full Support of Open Source – RailsBox offers 24/7/365 expert help and service for any need of our customers.
  • Risk Profile Service – RailsBox offers a thorough and instant analysis of the operation, legal and security risk that may be associated with your open source software being used in your company.